Team Jodie: Cameron Runs the 2018 Baltimore Marathon

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On October 27th, 2016 my sister-in-law, Jodie Lanchantin, passed away after a courageous journey with cancer. October 20th, 2018 I will be running the Baltimore Marathon in her honor and hope to raise funds towards cancer research. Jodie was an avid voice for a cure. Her thought was that if a cure can't be found for whatever reason, at least research could be done to allow her, and those like her with stage IV cancer, to live chronically with the condition. She had a son, Sammy, that was her entire world and was only 3 years old when she passed. Often she would reflect on her plans to continue to fight the good fight in order to dance with him at his wedding or at least see him off to kindergarten. Well, he starts kindergarten this fall and sadly will not be there. Jodie was diagnosed from the start with stage IV small cell neuroendocrine cancer of the breast, a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. She was diagnosed in November of 2013 when her son was just 4 months old. At that time the cancer was already throughout her liver and ultimately over the next nearly 3 years it would spread to her bones and then brain. Jodie shared with me an interest in running and she herself ran the Baltimore Half Marathon in the past, raising money for Alzheimer's research. Please consider donating to the American Association for Cancer Research where together we can continue to fight for those currently fighting and those we have lost and miss dearly.


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