Hello Friends, Family, and Random Internet Strangers,

Like an out of shape dumbass, I have decided to run a 10K in February because...reasons. In order to 'run' (very, very slowly... More like a quick walk...) I need to raise $450.00 which goes to the American Association for Cancer Research. Not to be Captain Obvious, but they fund cancer research. Seriously.

I know what you're thinking... why would I contribute to your charity when I could do it myself to a charity of my choice? That's a fair question, although a douchey one. 1) The Donations are tax deductible. Yes, that's right. You can give Uncle Sam the middle finger on your tax return one donation at a time. 2) Because running hurts, and I will be in pain the entire time. I know some of you will donate for this fact alone. 3) Because cancer has probably touched or will touch the lives of you or someone you know. My mom is a survivor. One of my running partners is a survivor.

 It's important we continue research, especially in the face of federal budget cuts to programs like American Association for Cancer Research. If you don't support my cause, then please find one you can and donate monthly. But I would prefer you donate to mine... just sayin.



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