Team Captain Tips

How to Recruit

  • Encourage friends and family to join your team or make a donation. Customize your fundraising page with photos and links telling your story.
  • Set a competition with your friends. See who can recruit more people to the team.

How to Fundraise

  • Tell your story why you’re fundraising for cancer research. It may be in memory of aloved one or in honor of someone close to you going through the battle.
  • Set a team goal. With a goal in mind, it will help you and your teammates achieve it with more success.
  • Break down the team goal. If your team goal is $500 and you have 5 people on your team, each person needs to raise $100. This is much more achievable than doing it alone.

Team Motivation

  • Provide tips and encouragement to your teammates. Encourage your team to continue asking for donations and support from friends and family.  Give them the tools necessary for success.Check out the Resources located on the event website.
  • This journey is not just about fundraising! Check in to see how their training is going.
  • Create a team challenge. For example, if your event is a race, do a run streak for a week to see who can log the most miles on your team.
  • Host a team outing. Get together for an early Saturday morning team runor bike ride. Make it social by going to breakfast after as a reward for your hard work!

How the Team is Doing

  • Check in with each team member individually. Remind them that every dollar they raise counts and makes a difference!

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